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Wireless Locks

Stand-Alone Wireless Locks & Keypads

This is the era of rapid transformation where security enhancements become even more advanced, thanks to the fact that the world is now leveraging on the power of the internet of things. However, one thing that has relatively remained resistant to change is the traditional key and lock. Let the professionals install a wireless lock for your business.

Cars have switched to what we now call key fobs. Office buildings and hotels are now favoring pass cards. Yet in all this, the little metallic keys we walk around with aren’t any different from what our parents and their grandparents used before the Civil War.

The future is here

The world is becoming creative in the sense that everything it makes now leans towards the convenient side.

We now want every household fixture, no matter how old it is, to be rewired in preparation for digital living. But now that basic household items like the slow cooker or the thermostat have evolved, house locks are not being left behind either. The front door lock is going smart into the future.

Several brands are now going to the market full throttle to make keyless locks that can be operated with smartphones, tabs, computers or just codes.

Also, there are rumors that two new tech startups are working to introduce a special keyless lock (hands-free locks) that will automatically unlock entry or exit as you approach.

Many experts now believe that all the different kinds of keyless locks in the market provide good-enough security, although they could also be a deterrent for the honest. The dishonest will go behind you to try gaining access to your home or premise through the front door, provided they have a spare key.

This is a concern especially for people who, for some reasons, distribute copies of their keys to people they call relatives or friends. But it is also a concern for people who acquire used homes. If the previous owner happened to have a spare key, this would make it difficult for the new owner to be at peace.

Security at home starts with the basics. And the good thing is that these basics are now being addressed by technology.

Security is a combination of things that will make it harder for the unauthorized persons to gain entry to a premise.

Whether this involves a keyless lock connected to an alarm system and reinforced by a standby gunman, the setup constitutes what the whole idea of security is.

Any situation is enough to send you into panic mode. There could be a lot at stake here. You could end up setting the whole house on fire but with the help of Fire Watch Guards Denver, you can protect your home. 

Sinisi Solutions Fire Barrier projects respond to the needs of the client and provide a solution to both simple and complex problems in safety and security.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and needs. As for the kids, perhaps you would be forced to use the way of the dishonest, i.e. breaking a window to gain access. Whatever the situation is, you could be forced to face the inevitable. Thankfully, the world is now embracing the idea of keyless locks. Call Lomas security  today to install one of these wonderful locks.

Why Keyless locks are going to take the market by storm

Homeowners already have a few items they can implement to make their homes secure.

For instance, with an alarm system that can relay signals via a smartphone, a homeowner could be alerted in real time regardless of where they are. Depending on their arrangement with security agencies, they could get the problem attended to even in their absence.

However, the main selling point of keyless locks set in where their convenience is concerned. You see, when you’re coming from the grocery shop holding bags of fruits and veges, you will hate fishing in your pocket with the free hand trying to locate your keys.

It would be very convenient for you when you just punched a few buttons only for the door to open.

Most people have lost their keys at one point in their lives. Imaging arriving home when it’s raining in the middle of the night only to realize that your keys are missing. Do you start looking for them, calling the nearest hardware or locksmith shop or going back to where you came from?

Such a situation is very confusing. Some locksmiths claim they work 24 hours a day. But give them a call at 3am and it will go unanswered. At this point, your sorry state would force you to spend the night somewhere else until day break.

But that’s just one situation. How about locking kids in the house only to return and realize that you’ve lost access to your home? Or how about locking your door and losing the keys only to remember that you had left the stove burning?

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