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Magnetic Locks

Choosing a Magnetic Lock

Carry out your research before choosing your magnetic lock. There are many different makes of magnetic locks on the market. To ensure you purchase the correct lock for your needs, review the features of various locks. Always read the reviews of the locks prior to making your purchase and make sure that your lock is insured. Purchase a lock that will be strong enough to hold the weight of the door. Some locks pull different weights, so always ensure you have purchased a suitably sized lock. Contact us to we will take a look at your door and quote the right magnetic lock for your door.

The Benefits and Features of a Magnetic Lock

There are many advantages of magnetic locks that you do not find in a normal lock. They add additional security, as they cannot be picked with sharp items, preventing unwanted access from thieves. The additional key codes add further security. Let the professionals install a magnetic lock for your business. By attaching your magnetic lock to your electricity system, your lock will be added to your normal electrical source and by Denver CO building code the magnetic lock needs to automatically release in case of a fire emergency and other regulations that the state have in place.

How does a magnetic lock work?

Not unlike what you learn about magnetics, magnetic locks work by north and south end meeting and sealing, but magnetic door locks use an electrical current to produce a stronger magnetic force.

Magnetic door locks use an electromagnetic force to stop doors from opening, so they are ideal for security. Mag locks, such as the

Deed-lock mag locks are made up of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The plate is attached to the door, and the magnetic to the door frame. Depending on the lock chosen, depends on the voltage – and strength – of the electromagnetic force. The rule of thumb is the more expensive the electromagnetic lock the higher the holding force, it can range anything from 250kg all the way up to an impressive 1000kg.

An electromagnetic lock creates a magnetic field when energized or powered up, causing an electromagnet and armature plate to become attracted to each other strongly enough to keep a door from opening. As they require power to remain locked, this allows them to be fail-safe, making electromagnetic door locks safe for use as emergency exits. If the power was to go out in a fire via a fire relay or exit button, the door would unlock, allowing people to exit the building.

Uses of a magnetic lock

Electromagnetic locks are commonly used in hotels, offices and residential blocks as they are secure, reliable and quick to install, as there are few components.

Find out more about electromagnetic door locks at Lomas Security Inc. or discover the other entry systems we stock. To get in touch for expert advice and recommendations, contact our friendly team at 720-672-7585 or email. Don’t forget, there’s free estimates before 5pm our professional will dispatch the same day!

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