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At Lomas Security our goal is to provide customers with the most professional and dedicated service,

our experience and ability, allow us to work on many different Access Control Systems from installation, service and troubleshooting.

There is not a too big or too small project as we always use the same dedication, effort and expertise for the customer best end result.


  • ACS Installation & Troubleshooting.

  • Door controller and power supply installations and troubleshooting.

  • stand-alone security systems, door keypads, lever-set keypads and on-site only systems.

  • Proximity & Bio-metric readers.

  • Wire pulling and cabling management services.

  • Electronic wiring and cable terminations.

  • Access control software installation, programming and management.

  • Remote access control system support.

  • Access Control system take-over service.

  • Access Control System Permitting process, Planning & Final inspection services.


  • Electromagnetic Locks / Mag Locks Installation and service.

  • Electric Strike installation and service.

  • Electric Hinge & Wire loop installations.

  • Wire chase & door coring preparation.

  • Electronic or Mechanical cylindrical lever-set installation and service.

  • Electronic and mechanical exit/panic device installation and service.

  • Door closer installations.

  • Automatic door openers / ADA Openers installation and integration. "we don't do Stanley operators".

  • Door alarm-lock keypad installation and programming.

  • Door Push / Pull handle and plate installations and service.


  • Door king system / DKS installation, programming & troubleshooting.

  • DKS cellular and IM-Server programming & communication service (contact us to know more about this).

  • Local programming service per visit.

  • Building tenant management service this service is only available for DKS with cellular communicator. (if your DKS don't have a cellular communicator please contact us to quote one for you) .

  • DKS system take-over. (get rid of your old telephone entry system and get a DKS top of the line system)

  • DKS traka system, add more doors to your DKS and turn it into an access control system.


  • Be always aware of who is at your door, deliveries, visitors or customers and be able to interact with them via audio and video, and be able to open the door and grant them access remotely.


  •  Alarm Systems Our highest priority is the safety and satisfaction of our clients, and we custom design every system to protect your home and family as if they were our own. Our experienced representative will provide professional guidance in the custom design of your system, while incorporating all of your areas..


  • A good way to protect yourself is to consider a video camera surveillance system for your business or office.

  • Detect crime while providing you with a clear picture of any offender, they can prevent harassment.

  • It can improve your organizations productivity.

  • Manage your camera system from home  and from your phone.

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