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Access           Control

What is Access Control?

A system which enables you to control access to areas in a physical facility. It is the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons.


What an Access Control System Does For You

  • Limit access to perimeter doors

  • Trigger alarms when doors are accessed without permission

  • Trigger surveillance systems on alarms

  • Time and attendance

  • Biometric inputs

  • Parking management

  • Intruder detection

  • Elevator Control

  • Some systems are capable of up to 100,000 points of access

  • Input applications

  • Ability to enter graphic floor plans

  • Ability to set guard tours

  • Gives real-time diagnostic and event recordings

  • Integrated photo badging

  • Ability to network multiple sites anywhere in the world

  • Ability to add Muster tracking

  • Integrated lockdown features– selected readers, workstations

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