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What is Integrated Security Systems?

Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that uses different components and threads them into one. At Lomas Security, we utilize a layered system powered by ADC consisting of  intrusion detection, alarm notifications, a 24/7 monitoring staff, commercial access control, Residential Locks and Garages, fire and smoke detection, Intelligent video monitoring, Z-Wave devices.


What an Integrated System Does For You

  • Control everything from a single device/application.

  • Trigger alarms when doors are accessed without permission and monitors the state of the doors.

  • Trigger surveillance systems on alarms

  • Video capture intelligence, the high-end cameras are AI capable to recognize from, persons, cars, pets, etc. and notify you when the specific objects are on your premises.

  • Intruder detection

  • Multi-locations control from single app.

  • Gives real-time diagnostic and event recordings

  • Network from anywhere in the world

  • Ability to add Muster tracking, and lights, switches, ac control, etc.

  • Integrated lockdown features– selected readers, and alarm systems.

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